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The Cardamom Philosophy

It started with a dream. A dream to provide an indulgent experience with leading service, tantalising food and fine champagnes- an experience which exceeds all expectations. From this was born the Cardamom Club, a destination superbly created to provide you with pleasure, sophistication and entertainment.

The foundation of our cooking is based on sourcing quality seasonal Derbyshire produce to create some of the finest Indian dishes inspired from different regions of India. Our stone ground spices are blended to our chefs specification and are free from additives, stabilisers and artificial colourings, allowing for a lighter and healthier dining experience.

We believe in traditional cooking techniques when preparing our dishes and have gone back to basics to produce truly flavoursome combinations. Our coal fired tandoor allows us to retain the authenticity of our kebabs, meats and breads, while our smoking, curing and slow cooking techniques allow for a modern twist to some traditional favourites.