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Our Chef


Executive Chef Harrie Haran interprets Indian cuisine in a modern refined way, intricately prepared and designed to capture some delicious and exciting flavours. Harries main focus lies with supporting local suppliers and sourcing seasonal ingredients from selected farmers in the region.

Harrie and all the staff at Cardamom Club believe that free range organic produce is not just better because of its purity and freedom from additives but because it tastes so much better. Harries philosophy is to create fresh, beautifully cooked healthy food.

The catalyst for Harries passion for fresh and pure foods came from being sat by the wood fired cooker with his mother in India. Peeling garlic and stripping curry leaves from the family garden is a memory which Harrie keeps close to his heart.

Harrie began his working life within the engineering industry but in 1981 decided to make the drastic transformation to studying Hotel Management and Catering Technology at university in Bangalore, India. In 1986 Harrie joined the renowned Taj Group in Bangalore and teamed up with Michelin Star Chef Sriram Aylur. It was at this stage where Harrie gained his inspiration for utilising fresh, local and seasonal produce whilst adapting traditional cooking techniques and equipment to produce tantalising dishes.

Later, Harrie spent a considerable amount of time working in famous kitchens in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, but decided to settle in England, where he began to refine his skills in international and fusion cuisine.

Harrie Haran now joins the Cardamom Club in Derby where he brings years of expertise in flavours, textures and aromas. His strong philosophy in traditional cooking techniques infused with local produce is visible throughout his menu, as he aims to tantalise the taste buds of his diners.